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Low Loader Transport or Flatbed Trailer Services UK

Low-loaders are flexible implementation empowering heavy machinery to be transported. Our Low Loader Transport or Flatbed Trailer Services give the flexibility of transporting goods of all shapes, sizes and load capacities.

Flatbed trailer services

With our Flatbed Trailer services we provide Flatbed Trailers which will allow you to load your carriage from the top, front, or backside, making it useful to its highest being the rallying point of the transporting industry. The Flatbed trailers included in our Flatbed trailer services with Low loader transport can transport goods of all sizes because of its huge open storage area, we can carry your storage up to 48,000 pounds along with the highest length of 53ft.

Why us?

• Covered flatbed with rentable top and tail-gate.

• Supplementary low loader/inside loaders for instant essentials.

• Low semi-trailer holding capacity of carrying weights up to 29 metric tons.

• Special low loaders which hold the capability of carrying up to 25 metric tons.

• A flatbed trailer has the ability to hold a maximum of 27 metric tons.

• Flatbed trailers which hold the declivity.

• GPS enabled Trailers for accurate tracking of goods.

• 24x7 Availability of our Low Loader Transport or Flatbed Trailer Services.

Bajrang Transport is a leading end-to-end logistics business providing industry-leading services to many of the UK and Europe’s best-known businesses. We operate across the whole supply chain, all over the UK and we handle all aspects of logistics from beginning to end with Low Loader Transport or Flatbed Trailer Services.

We are top rated logistics operator in the UK and we are committed to our customers satisfaction. Bajrang Transport is a Low Loader Transport and we know the value of time and your goods. That’s why we make our services through our top of the line trucks. We care for you and want you to have choices that’s why as a company responsible for safe transportation of your goods, we give you Low Loader Transport or Flatbed Trailer Services.

Our Services as UK transport company is time tested and has been appreciated by our clients for our safety and punctuality. We are one of the few Haulage company UK to give option of both Low Loader Transport or Flatbed Trailer Services transportation of goods to our valued customers.

As a transport company in UK we have fitted all of our transport vehicles with GPS to give our customers real time tracking of their goods for the peace. With GPS our clients can see where the goods have reached and get an accurate ETA for delivery of good. This function our operations completely transparent and us trustable for our clients.

Features like GPS, All kinds of trailers and option of Low Loader Transport or Flatbed Trailer Services makes Bajrang Transport a truly amazing and one of its kind to give both Low Loader Transport or Flatbed Trailer Services . Every time you hire us we ensure that our drivers are their paper work up to date so that when you hire our transport services you can be assured that we will deliver your goods safely and on time every time without a moments delay.

UK transport company